Picture this…

You can’t find your desk because it’s covered with slips of paper that represent prospects expecting you to contact them about doing business. Or, if you’re the “neatnik” type, there is a nice tidy stack an inch thick next to your phone. All of these referral slips are warm leads from your BNI sales team – the potential customer has already been acquainted with you and your business by someone they know and trust (a fellow BNI member) and now it is up to you to contact them and seal the deal.

We are BNI Success Circle

We are a dynamic chapter with a contemporary approach that is reflected by our many “green” and often cutting-edge member businesses. Our members are building strong relationships with each other and most importantly, a camaraderie that makes our chapter meetings lively and fun – something to look forward to every week.

Grow with us and grow your business

We offer you a ground floor opportunity to help shape BNI Success Circle and grow your business in the process. There are many advantages to joining a new chapter, along with numerous benefits associated with BNI membership. So, we invite you to come and meet us and get all of the details. Visitors are welcome every Thursday at 7:30am at the Kalamazoo Country Club (see map).